826NYC proudly publishes young authors from across the five boroughs and beyond. We are our students’ biggest fans, and we believe they deserve a spot on your bookshelf.

A Hero I Have to Be

The Big Book of IFs

The Lights Are Bright Everywhere I Look

Work in Progress

Whenever I Close My Eyes

Inside the Teenage Mind

Monsters Just Want to Dance

826NYC Review #14

Infinitely Big

The Beauty of the Evergreen Above

Mango Is My Middle Name

A Bright Burst of Warm Gooey Clouds

I am, I am, I am

No Matter What I Should Be Myself Fully

Frankenstein Leaves a Box of Cupcakes

Our Odysseys

Cartoons for All Eternity

826NYC Review #13

To Walk In My Shoes

Somewhere In the Night Sky

Dragons Everywhere

Wild Dog On the Streets

The cover to I am Finally a Piece of Wood, an 826NYC student publication written by the young writers at the Academy for Young Writers

I Am Finally A Piece of Wood

Radiant Beings

To Remind Myself I Haven’t Left Yet

It Could Have Been Way Worse Than It Was (Academy for Young Writers)

You Are Eating a Pomegranate

Something Magical Happened

You’re Worth More Than Anything

Our Worldview: We Are Who We Are

Here in the New World

Touch All the Buttons

Ground Shakes Furiously

826NYC Review #12

Wake Up: Dreams, Memories, and Reality

Laughter Means You’re Alive

We Both Know the Way Home

No One Can See the Hidden Ocean I’ve Created

I Told You Not to Buy a Robot

Put On My Headset, Now I’m In a Different World

You Might Can’t Come Back: The P.S. 316 Guide to the Universe

How to Feel Happy for Other People

Much More Than a Thought

826NYC Review #11

Like a Balloon That Wants to Pop

Our Names Were Written in Stone

All I Have to Say

Our Duty, Our Obligation, Our Chicken Nuggets

If I Left You My Poem on a Post-It

Maybe in 10 Years

Everything I Been Through

826NYC Review #10

Thunder Was The Only Thing I Could Hear

Today The World Was Bright and Loud

I Am Writing This Out of Kindness and Sadness

My Fingers are Tired From Writing This Poem for You

Brooklyn, Like A Friend of Mine

Everything That Came Along with You

My Soul Evaporated

Too Many Cooks

I Am from Everything and Nothing at All, Vol. 1


The Word That’s Missing

A Message in the Ground

You Cannot Run a School by Yourself

826NYC Review #08

Bigger Than Buildings

Time Travel is Nerve-Wracking

Food Defenders

826NYC Review #07

Listening to the Trees

Bright Blue Sky and Gray Silence

826NYC Review #06

Chicken Makes the Ice Cream Taste Better: Stories on Food and Community

826NYC Review #05

Growing Our Hearts & Brains: Poems on Love, Technology, and Success

STEW, The Magazine About Et Cetera | The Music Issue

Forgetting How to Hold a Fork


826NYC Review #04

826NYC Review #03

Trapped: The Encyclopedia of Escape

Behind the Uniforms

826NYC Review #02

Nine Novels By Younger Americans