826NYC Review #05

THE 826NYC REVIEW: ISSUE 5 Eighty original works by students from 826NYC and the five boroughs of New York City including:
  • Advice on eating creatively
  • A collection of knock knock jokes with a disclaimer about elephants
  • A self-deprecating haiku
  • A family of suit-wearers having a laundry emergency
  • Two pieces about identical twins
  • Two pieces about identical twins
  • A pine Tree with a medical degree
  • An ode to Chipotle
  • An anti-ode to Siri
  • Hot chocolate with an identity crisis
  • Two crotchety 826NYC fish
  • A bowl of soup in Wontontopia's 1777 Industrial Revolution
  • Sergeant Duckrat, who can only say "Duckrat!"
PRAISE FOR THE 826NYC REVIEW ISSUE 5 "You know what they say: five Reviews are better than one." – Herman Mildew "Once you read this review you will surely have read it." – Herman Mildew "A riveting collection that will push the limits of what you thought thinkable." – Herman Mildew

THE 826NYC REVIEW: ISSUE 5 STATS No. of pages: 188 Retail price: $15.00 Format: Trade paperback, matte cover Design: 826NYC ISBN: 978-1-934750-55-1 Cover design and book composition by Suzanne Pettypiece