Growing Our Hearts & Brains: Poems on Love, Technology, and Success

Purchase your copy here.  In this book you will find poems about love, technology, and future dreams for success. Success can mean many things–being on TV or even graduating to make others proud. Love can be a person or even a thing you truly care about, like a passion for playing sports, eating food, or having a wife and kids. Love can also be about navigating the Internet and making connections or missed-connections. Written by the class of 2016 at Bronx Leadership Academy II, this book Sings with hope and determination. Buy your copy today! PRAISE FOR GROWING OUR HEARTS & BRAINS: "The voices here are astounding and singular, and you'll love getting to know the writers of these sparkling poems." –Patricia Smith, author of Shoulda Been Jimi Savannah "[Poetry] can give you that burst of motivation, leading your feet to your path of dreams." –Gisselle Pastoriza, student author GROWING OUR HEARTS & BRAINS STATS: No. of pages: 118 Retail price: $12.00 Format: Trade paperback, matte cover Design: 826NYC ISBN: 978-0-9827483-2-9 Cover design and book composition by Suzanne Pettypiece Cover Illustrations by Isadora Epstein