826NYC Review #04

Our fourth issue of The 826NYC Review, which is available exclusively at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., includes screenplays, stories, and -- an 826NYC first! -- a DVD featuring some of the films our students have made in the past couple years! This issue includes: - A tragic love story about Mr. Fly - Haiku by Corey Wilson - A diary of a kitten mermaid - A martial arts film set in Ancient Songolia - A music video about monsters AND angels - A detective story about a stolen Club Penguin ID - And much, much more THE 826NYC REVIEW: ISSUE 4 STATS: No. of pages: 202 Retail price: $18.00 Format: Trade paperback, uncoated cover Spine width: .51" Design: 826NYC ISBN: 978-0-9827483-0-5 A song entitled "I Got No Homework But I Got Extra Homework": Yes Funny and strange collages throughout: Yes Mixed serif and sans-serif fonts: Always Suitable for all ages: Yes An interview with Khaled Hamdan: Yes Printed by nice people in Winnipeg: Yes Originally published in spring 2010

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