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Student Voices

To Walk in My Shoes

BY Kelise B., Age 11th grade

To walk in my shoes, walk in some yellow Converse. Grab a mask and don’t take it off. Maybe run a little faster outside. It gets overwhelming in the dark. Take that flimsy green and white card and ram it aggressively through the scanner, DON’…

Different Food Personalities

BY Mavis L. , Age 10

Pineapple: I WILL EAT YOU BACK! Candy: I’m sweet, you will LOVE eating me! Gum: Chew me, chew me, I’m stress-relieving and yummy! Salad: I’m for vegetarians so enjoy! Bitter Melon

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  • Echenonia

    BY Rafael C., Age Age 10

    A day in the world of Echenonia would go like this. You, a Xenolichen, would go hunting for nanomorphogan flowers for breakfast. They taste like asparagus with a dark purple stem and a green and red mouth/petals. They’re found in the dense Oaklum forest. On your way back to your village, you would probably spot an Oxopeckien—a dangerous bird-like creature that would not hesitate to tear you into s…

    How Shark Fin Soup Was Made

    BY Kyle C., Age 10

    Once upon a time there was a fat fat shark who liked to dance. Since he liked to dance he danced so hard that he died. Then a tsunami hit the shark and then he landed on a beach. Then Iroquois people saw the shark and one man thought of an idea of shark fin soup. Then everybody liked the idea. So the Iroquois people chopped off the fin of the shark and the shark just stayed there. So they put the …

    Mexico Food

    BY Itari F., Age 8

    I love to eat chicken soup with lemon and salt. I will call it rainbow soup because my mom puts yellow onions, brown potatoes, green spinach, and white garlic in the soup. I also eat a quesadilla with cooked pumpkin flowers and cheddar cheese. I love it. And for dessert, shaved carrots with lemon and salt. Or sometimes we’ll have mangoes with spicy Mexican powder.

    Keep Cool for Summer Days

    BY Martha G., Age 12

    Some ideas to cool down during a hot summer day are to …put ice on my forehead. Also put the fan or air conditioner on. I would go to the beach and swim in the ocean. Eat or drink something cold. For example, eat an ice cream or drink an ice coffee. Here are my ideas to fight the hot summer day.

    If I Could Transport Anywhere

    BY Jilverto C. (Williamsburg After-School Tutoring & Writing Program), Age 10

    If I could transport to anywhere I could go to Florida. Why? Because I have never been there and I could go to the beach. It would always be sunny there and warm. I would live there. I would like Florida more because I could visit the volcanos and the beaches and the restaurants. I would also visit Disney World. I would transport to Florida by just thinking about it, I would be there in seconds.

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