A Hero’s Journey

Kobe B. ----- 8th Grade

There was a time in the ordinary world known as Earth where there was a boy named Andrew. He was a 14-year-old boy, soon to be 15 on June 30th. Unexpectedly, his little sister had a bike accident. He started running to her as fast as he could, but then something happened that no one expected: he started levitating! He got higher and higher and started flying. He and his sister were shocked. That’s when he finally discovered his new superpower.

Andrew panicked and didn’t really know what to do. Should he tell his parents or not tell his parents? Andrew would love to save the world from evil, but he still wasn’t powerful enough to defeat a villain or stop accidents. He started to have second thoughts about whether he should tell his parents or just keep it a secret between him and his sister. Andrew decided to search for a mentor, someone to guide him through his superhero journey.

His little sister volunteered to be his mentor and he accepted because he really had no one else. One afternoon, Andrew was walking back home with his little sister, who had just gotten out of school. Something strange happened. A portal appeared! Andrew was excited and spooked at the same time because that meant he was one step closer to becoming an honorable and great superhero.

As they walked into the portal they saw chaos in this certain city called East City. It was nothing but chaos there. A villain was in control of the city, and Andrew knew he had to do something. The villain was named Electbolt, and he had electricity powers. As he and Andrew walked up to each other, face to face, this was the start of a battle.

As Andrew was battling Electbolt, he ascended to a new level like a game, and it gave him an extra ability: super strength. He was now stronger than ever. Eventually, Andrew beat Electbolt down, and the sky started to lighten up after the villain was defeated. Everything was back to normal, but everything was destroyed, so Andrew decided to help build some buildings and parks. And as he finished fixing up a park, there was a crowd of people saying his name, “Andrew, Andrew, Andrew!”

Andrew was proud of himself. Then the same portal appeared again, but it was the portal to go home. Andrew started saying goodbye to the people of East City. Him and his little sister headed home like nothing ever happened. In the end, Andrew became stronger and stronger, but the challenges became harder. But he managed to complete them. To this day, Andrew is out there somewhere saving the world.