Rafael C. ----- Age 10

From the publication

"826NYC Review #13"

A day in the world of Echenonia would go like this. You, a Xenolichen, would go hunting for nanomorphogan flowers for breakfast. They taste like asparagus with a dark purple stem and a green and red mouth/petals. They’re found in the dense Oaklum forest. On your way back to your village, you would probably spot an Oxopeckien—a dangerous bird-like creature that would not hesitate to tear you into shreds. Or a dragonfloptorianm, the king of the skies. Its favorite prey, a flutterwuff, looks like a cross between a chick, a butterfly, and a bunny.

Once you get home you would probably see the lumberchops come to bring the cooking wood. After your savory breakfast, you would probably teach your kid(s) how to do several important things, like self-defense, making traps, and much more. You and your kid(s) would go hunting for a gazapilian—an odd-looking creature indeed. After that, you’ll have free time to do things like rock-skipping, racing, tag, and anything else you can think of. Once you’re done with whatever you’re doing, you and your village would gather around to eat dinner. Finally, you lay on your velvian bed and go to sleep.