To Walk in My Shoes

Kelise B. ----- 11th grade

From the publication

"Our Odysseys"

To walk in my shoes, walk in some yellow Converse.

Grab a mask and don’t take it off.

Maybe run a little faster outside. It gets overwhelming in the dark.

Take that flimsy green and white card and ram it aggressively through the scanner, DON’T BEND IT, then play a game of dodge the sketchy guys on the staircase. If you win, that yellow corner seat is all yours on the train.


My yellow crusty dusty Converse treating you well?


Good. I hope you trip and fall.

Then you get hit by a bus or something right after.


Cuz’ I get tired of wearing ‘em most of the time.

I’m tired of hearing that stupid iPhone alarm (cough cough radiate) waking me up when I’ve just fallen asleep.

I’m tired of trying to catch a train that’ll only end up not moving for a whole hour.

I’m tired of sitting in an empty hallway for half an hour early in the morning.


So throw those yellow Converse out the window.

If it hits somebody in the head oh well.

And instead, wear bunny slippers and hop in bed.