826NYC Review #06

THE 826NYC REVIEW, ISSUE 6 Seventy-seven original works by students from 826NYC and the five boroughs of New York City including:

  • How being the president might be too hard
  • Using office supplies to prove one's love
  • A poem about cleanliness
  • What heroes are capable of...if they have outlets
  • A scary story guaranteed to give you the shivers
  • Super robot cats
  • A park with secrets
  • Three pieces about BEARS!
  • A comparison of layups and three pointers
  • Musical beans that are not what they seem
  • A prince with royal pants and fireball powers
  • A big scary mountain
  • Zombie survival guides
PRAISE FOR THE 826NYC REVIEW, ISSUE 6 "This review will change the way you feel about feelings."--Herman Mildew "Some of these are okay, I guess."--Herman Mildew "You've just purchased a pulchritudinous panoply of plots--and other words I had to look up in the dictionary."--Herman Mildew STATS FOR THE 826NYC REVIEW, ISSUE 6
  • No. of pages: 188
  • Retail price: $15.00
  • Format: Trade paperback, matte cover
  • Design: 826NYC
  • ISBN: 978-1-934750-64-3
  • Cover design and book composition by Suzanne Pettypiece

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