Our Worldview: We Are Who We Are

In Our Worldview: We Are Who We Are, the talented and thoughtful writers at the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering share poignant insights into their lives, showing the reader that their lived experiences and cultural capital are not to be brushed aside.  How wonderful it is to be given these glimpses into the worlds of these young people, and ask ourselves: is this the world as we see it? What do we miss or gloss over every day that these writers are boldly, caringly, and creatively reckoning with? many of these writers are first-generation immigrants; multicultural voices that have long been silent rise up here to remind us of what we've always known: that the relationship between people and places is always an essential story to tell.

Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit 826NYC, a nonprofit organization encouraging the exploration of endless possibilities through the power of writing.

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This book is also available as a downloadable interactive PDF.