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Explore themes from science fiction to scene writing and more in five-week workshops throughout the school year.

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Join the next generation of literary leaders in this year-long teen writing and leadership program.

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Explore creative writing, from memoir to poetry! Residencies culminate in a book, performance, or media project.

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Step behind the secret door for a storytelling adventure with your class — a Write Together field trip!

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Student Voices

The Burning Tree

BY Junaynah R., Age 15

The Burning Tree   In the night, I awake. Fractured earth beneath the soles of my feet. Desolate. Barren. In the distance, a tree stands, reaching its arms out to God. 

A Plants vs. Zombies Book

BY Thomas Z., Age Age 9

This is Plants vs. Zombies Better Homes and Gardens. It is about the two main characters finding a new way of stopping the zombies from getting into the houses of Neighborville. The idea is to put plants in the houses. Then the leader of the zombies, Zomboss, gets an idea to make th…

The Dogs and Cats

BY Jamar S., Age 11

Chapter 1 Book 1

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jamar. He was a messenger that told everyone up-to-date news. He lived with his dog, Thomas, in the Valley of the DogCat Empire, an empire of cats and dogs. One day, the evil D.C. of a nearby kingdom of evil cats and dogs invaded the Do…

I am me

BY Maeve L., Age 7th Grade

I am like a giraffe I stand tall and proud even when people knock me down. I am like an elephant Strong, majestic and wise.

Organized Chaos (Excerpt)

BY Jordan M., Age 12th Grade

A clown suddenly entered the spotlight and happily announced, “Welcome To Eternal Chaos. Are you ready to see the most chaotic circus in Vegas?” A loud applause sounded around me instantaneously. He did the shush motion and said, “Just a reminder people, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  The lights suddenly turned off…

Backroom Crawl

BY Liam C., Age 13 years old

7/29/1987   As I walked into the Complex, the usual yellow walls and buzzing lights greeted me. Johnson already had the rope on him, so we were clear to start the exploration. As we walked, we talked about things such as how we found out about Async or Mr. Beck’s failed assassination attempt. This went on for a while…

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Creative writing unleashes endless possibilities. Together, let’s ensure that every student — regardless of circumstance — has the chance to write their own path forward.


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