With the help of teaching artists and volunteers, 826NYC runs multi-session in-schools projects each year to provide curriculum and in-class support to teachers. These projects culminate in a publication of the students’ work. Each project is led by a trained teaching artist, along with the support of our Director of Education and four to five trained volunteers.

The strength of our volunteer base allows us to provide in-school support to work with students in New York City classrooms. We recognize that large class sizes make it increasingly difficult for teachers to provide individualized feedback and guidance on research and writing. To this end, we are committed to partnering with teachers to bring teams of volunteers into the classroom to support existing writing-based curriculum and projects.

In-schools projects are determined on a school-by-school basis. If you are a K-12 teacher and would like to schedule an in-schools project for the 2016-2017 school year, please email our Director of Education, Rebecca Darugar at

Each year we also organize a Young Authors’ Book Project. Working closely with teachers, we match a well-known guest author and volunteers with students at a school for a semester-long writing and publishing project. 826NYC staff work closely with a teacher in the school to determine the subject of the project that aligns with the teacher’s current curriculum and Common Core standards. Once defined, volunteers work with students on a weekly basis to assist them as they write and edit their pieces. The students’ stories, essays and/or poems are ultimately collected and professionally published.


Current and past in-schools projects and partners include:

P.S. 316 Elijah Stroud (2017)

High School of Fashion Industries (2016)

Samuel Stern/P.S 7 (2014)

Bronx Leadership Academy II (2014-2017)

Brooklyn High School of the Arts (2011-2014)

Current and past guest authors for Young Authors’ Book Project Forewords include:

Daniel José Older (2017)

Sheri Booker (2016)

Marcus Samuelsson (2014)

Patricia Smith (2014)