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Classes from across New York City slip behind our secret door for Write Together, a collaborative writing adventure that encourages creative expression, explores the elements of storytelling, and strengthens students’ writing skills. This fast-paced and whimsical 2-hour workshop inspires creativity and excitement to keep your young authors telling their stories long after they leave.

When you book a Write Together field trip, you’ll choose between an in-person field trip to our secret library, OR a virtual workshop where we bring the magic and excitement of storytelling right to your classroom!

Classes participating in the Storytelling & Bookmaking virtual field trip will receive an 826NYC Publication Kit in advance of your field trip, to take your students’ stories from the screen right into their hands. Classes participating in the in-person field trips will leave with their own copies of their hot-off-the-presses stories.

Field Trip Options

Storytelling & Bookmaking

Virtual: Grades 1–9
In-person: Grades 1–5

As a class, students pen a brand new, totally original story. With the help of 826NYC’s staff and volunteers, the class will create a new character, invent a setting, and write as a group until the story reaches the climax. Then, students will write their own endings to the story. Each student leaves as a newly-minted published author, with their very own copy of the group’s book.

Choose Your Own Adventure

In-person: Grades 6-12

During this field trip, students explore the effect that characters’ choices have on a story. They create an original choose-your-own-adventure tale, follow its twists and turns, and write its multiple conclusions. At the end of the trip, each student takes home a copy of the class’s adventures, bound together in a pint-sized book. This workshop option is not available for virtual field trips.

What’s Your Story? Memoir Field Trip

Virtual & In-person: Grades 8–12

There is no wrong way to write your memoir. From Beyonce’s Lemonade to the graphic novel Fun Home, we’ll explore a variety of autobiographical works, and students will develop new and creative ways to tell an important story drawn from their own experiences. By the end of the session, students will have the beginning of a piece they can complete for a personal statement, scholarship essay, or other personal narrative.


All pricing is flat fees; we do not pro-rate based on the number of students or chaperones in attendance.

In-person field trips cost $250 for Title I schools and $500 for all other schools.
These trips are held at 826NYC: 372 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn.

Virtual field trips cost $100 for Title I schools and $250 for all other schools.
These sessions can be held on Zoom or Google Meet. Participating classes will receive a book kit in advance of their session.

Field Trip Booking Process

Please fill out the interest form, and after we review your information we’ll reach out with any questions, and will send you a link to select your preferred date(s) on Calendly and an invoice for the field trip fee. Please plan to pay before your field trip.

Please note: Our Spring 2024 calendar is currently full. If you sign up, you’ll be added to the waiting list and we will notify you if there are any cancellations.

Please contact Programs Coordinator Amani Nephew with any questions:

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Please note that our space can accommodate a maximum of 35 students per field trip.


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