Field Trips

Field trips take place weekday mornings in our Secret Library (located behind the secret door at the back of the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company). In the Secret Library, we’ve built a safe and creative space for both imaginative learning and standards-based skill reinforcement. After just two short hours, students leave with something tangible—a bound book, a group memoir—and with renewed confidence in their ability to read and write.


Storytelling & Bookmaking (Grades 1 through 4)
During this field trip, students will, as a class, pen a brand new, totally original story. With the help of 826NYC’s staff and volunteer storytellers, the class will create a new character, give the story a setting, and write as a group until the story reaches the climax. Then, students will write their own endings to the story. Each student leaves as a newly-minted published author, with their very own copy of the group’s book.

Choose Your Own Adventure (Grades 4 through 8)
During this field trip, students explore the effect that characters’ choices have on story. They create an original choose-your-own-adventure story, follow its twists and turns, and write its multiple conclusions. At the end of the trip, each student takes home a copy of the class’ adventures, bound together in a pint-sized book.

What’s Your Story? Memoir Field Trip (Grades 9 through 12)
It’s never too early to start your memoir! During this field trip, students explore storytelling through a nonfiction lens. With the help of volunteers and focused small group work, students explore a colorful array of approaches to the genre (from Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home” to Beyonce’s “Formation”), then dive into telling their own stories. By the end of the program, students will have produced a class anthology of mini-memoirs and a unique biographical poem.

Entering the Field Trips Lottery

We love hosting field trips! But unfortunately, due to the popularity of our program, we are only able to accept a portion of applicants. Our annual lottery is held at the end of August. The 2019-2020 school year calendar application is currently closed. However, some spots may open up over the course of the year. To be placed on our waitlist, follow the link below. Please note that the cost of all field trips are $250 per class.

Field Trip Application Form

(including private/parochial schools and out-of-school programs)

Please email with any questions.