The Dogs and Cats

Jamar S. ----- 11

From the publication

"Infinitely Big"

Chapter 1 Book 1

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jamar. He was a messenger that told everyone up-to-date news. He lived with his dog, Thomas, in the Valley of the DogCat Empire, an empire of cats and dogs. One day, the evil D.C. of a nearby kingdom of evil cats and dogs invaded the DogCat Empire. In just 1-2 months, the DogCat empire was victorious in the war, and the evil D.C. was gone. The muskets and colonial war ended. 

Chapter 2

But Thomas thought the victory over the evil D.C. wasn’t enough, so Thomas raised his Empire and expanded. Thomas and his empire got North and South America, Africa, and Europe. One day Jamar told Thomas that there was another evil army in Ohio because Thomas forgot to take Ohio. The new empire was the DogCatVé Commonwealth. The DogCatVé Commonwealth was weak. 

Thomas led his DogCat army into Ohio. Then the conquest of Columbus, Ohio, came. The DogCat Empire won! After the war, Jamar and Thomas went to a mountain, and Jamar gave Thomas a treat.