A Plants vs. Zombies Book

Thomas Z. ----- Age 9

From the publication

"Infinitely Big"

This is Plants vs. Zombies Better Homes and Gardens. It is about the two main characters finding a new way of stopping the zombies from getting into the houses of Neighborville. The idea is to put plants in the houses. Then the leader of the zombies, Zomboss, gets an idea to make the people go into houses and drive themselves to Zomboss. But then the plants see him do that, so they report the news to Cravy Dave and the two main characters. So, Cravy Dave makes a better house so people want his instead of the zombies’ houses. 

Then Zomboss makes a giant robot house that he can use to scoop up people. He has a fist that can launch a new hair blower for his three hairs and a music speaker that zombies keep putting on bad music. Cravy Dave also made a giant robot that has a mowing alley, a twice cream and a thrice cream dispenser, a giant disco ball, a rocket launcher, and a flying ball full of plants. They start fighting the ball full of plants, and then the plants see that Zomboss forgot to make his robot rust-proof. So, Cravy Dave uses a water gun. Then it starts to rust. 

Then Zomboss’ giant robot explodes. As a treat, they got ice cream. Then Zomboss comes and squishes one of the main characters’ toes.