Mango Is My Middle Name

Read Mango is My Middle Name if you dare to embark on the journey of a lifetime with the students of I.S. 171 as your guides. You will visit the unknown world of Monkeyman – a coconut-wielding superhero – where dangers lurk by the dozen in the dark of the jungle. You will be carried away to the Dominican Republic, land of palm trees, ocean breezes, bachata music, and all the mangú you can eat. You will follow intrepid young writers from the mountains of Ecuador to the hallways of a middle school in Brooklyn, where frayed nerves are transformed into brilliant smiles thanks to new friends. This volume includes a cacophony of poems, where students tell each other, and the world, who they are. You’ll also find a rich collection of journey narratives, some real and some imagined, but all full of the stuff good stories are made of: drama, comedy, action, and emotion. Crack this book and join us on an adventure you won’t ever forget.

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