826NYC Review #07

The 826NYC Review, Issue No. 7 includes over 80 new works from young authors throughout all five boroughs. At the launch party, authors will have the chance to read their work to an audience of staff, volunteers, family, and friends. Each year 826NYC compiles and publishes the best writing of young New Yorkers from Bay Ridge to the South Bronx. Many of these young authors are being published for the first time, others you may recognize from some of our other publications, but all of their stories help to crystallize the creativity, humor, and wisdom of the young people currently living, laughing, and learning in New York City. In our newest edition of the review, you can read about the dark side of Sesame Street; get dating advice from someone who’s lactose tolerant; learn a new definition of self-righteous; discover what aliens can do (spoiler: everything, just like our students); and much, much more. You can get your own copy of the 826NYC Review, Issue #7 at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. or online here. The review includes a foreword by best-selling YA author, Maureen Johnson. Excerpt from the 826NYC Review, Issue #7

On Mic By Tyonne Wesley, Age 14 Written during an 826NYC Memoir Writing Field Trip

I can describe me All at one time Everyone just listen To my story inside Independent, mature, virtue, Is just what I show But inside there is more to go The world is shallow And sees what its peers see Just be you and then they’ll smile for opportunity I could tell you a lot Show you a lot And teach you a lot And then they’ll Know the real Me

Looks can be deceiving, just show me the real you.

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Many thanks to Sarah Azpeitia for designing and laying out this beautiful book and to Doug Salati for the incredible illustrations.