Nine Novels By Younger Americans

This anthology collects the nine exceptional novels that were written by high school students in our Young Adult Writers' Colony during the summer of 2005. Ranging from comedic, to fiercly political, to deeply personal, these novels are immensely entertaining and forecast a bright future for this brand new generation of novelists. With novels by: Rachel Barber, Sara Bradshaw, Daniel Cowen, Lucas Gonzalez, Samantha Lipman, Carolyn Maughan, Julia Mayer, Sarah Meira Rosenberg, and Dylan Suher. From the foreword by Richard Powers: "There comes a time when we must decide whether we love the world enough to hand it over to its next lover. You hold in your hands nine worlds that nine people could not find and so had to make themselves. So we tell ourselves forward, and just so - here it is before you: how the world ends this time.  And how it starts again."

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