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Student Voices

I am me

BY Maeve L., Age 7th Grade

I am like a giraffe I stand tall and proud even when people knock me down. I am like an elephant Strong, majestic and wise.

Organized Chaos (Excerpt)

BY Jordan M., Age 12th Grade

A clown suddenly entered the spotlight and happily announced, “Welcome To Eternal Chaos. Are you ready to see the most chaotic circus in Vegas?” A loud applause sounded around me instantaneously. He did the shush motion and said, “Just a reminder people, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  The lights suddenly turned off…

Backroom Crawl

BY Liam C., Age 13 years old

7/29/1987   As I walked into the Complex, the usual yellow walls and buzzing lights greeted me. Johnson already had the rope on him, so we were clear to start the exploration. As we walked, we talked about things such as how we found out about Async or Mr. Beck’s failed assassination attempt. This went on for a while…

To Walk in My Shoes

BY Kelise B., Age 11th grade

To walk in my shoes, walk in some yellow Converse. Grab a mask and don’t take it off. Maybe run a little faster outside. It gets overwhelming in the dark. Take that flimsy green and white card and ram it aggressively through the scanner, DON’…


BY Denisse R.G. (Park Slope After-School Tutoring), Age 9

Cookies, I love cookies. When I was five years old, my first taste was at the bakery. I took a bite, and I went crazy because of all the sugar. I had lots of energy and it was delicious. There are many types of cookies. For example, there are cookies with sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies, and Mexican cookies. Mexican cookies are cookies that Mexican people make when it is the Day of the Dead. …

How to Feel Happy for Other People

BY Bird Rzepniewski, Age 10

Feeling happy for other people has always come naturally to me. My big brother strives to be the best person he can, which I admire. I got better at being happy for other people mainly because my big brother and I are always getting the next new thing, but my big brother is a lot richer and has better skill levels and stats in the game Hypixel Skyblock. I put together this guide for people like my…


BY Rafael C., Age Age 10

A day in the world of Echenonia would go like this. You, a Xenolichen, would go hunting for nanomorphogan flowers for breakfast. They taste like asparagus with a dark purple stem and a green and red mouth/petals. They’re found in the dense Oaklum forest. On your way back to your village, you would probably spot an Oxopeckien—a dangerous bird-like creature that would not hesitate to tear you into s…

For Some

BY Halei A., Age 16

While for some kids coming out as being gay or lesbian to their parents is easy, for me it was much harder. I knew my parents would always accept me as their daughter, but it was the fear of hearing what they had to say. Before telling my parents, I had to actually find myself first. Finding myself took time; it was an actual thought process. I went through the process of thinking, Is this actuall…

Edwin On The Moon

BY Edwin S., Age 9

In 10 years, I will live in a dog house on the moon. I will eat a lot of beans with cheese. There’s no sink on the moon and no bathroom, so I will just go to the bathroom anywhere on the moon. I asked NASA to fix it! I found lipstick on the moon. I made a funny joke and posted it on YouTube. I laugh a lot and play Fortnite. I run around the moon with my imaginary friend whose name is Dogboy. He…

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