Limited Space Remaining: Write the Summer in 826NYC's Day Camp!

News —— April 3, 2024

Students collaborate on a circuitry project using Little Bits during the summer Sci-Fi & Circuitry workshop.

At 826NYC, we know that art and science inspire great writing, and amazing stories don’t just happen on the page or screen.

In 826NYC’s day camp, we bring the joy and excitement of storytelling off the page. Each week, we pair a fun writing theme with hands-on art and learning activities. We match performances with playwriting, comics with stories of heroes real and imagined, and circuit-building with science fiction for out-of-your-seat exploration.

Camp hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00-3:00, from July 15-August 2. Sign up for one week or all three! Full and partial scholarships are available with no additional scholarship application. Space for all weeks is limited, and there is currently a waiting list for full scholarships.

The Secret Laboratory: Sci-fi & Circuitry, July 15-19

Seeking kid geniuses to invent the technology of the future – and the stories that go with it! From tales of high-tech robots running amok to a brand-new device that will keep your room clean forever and keep your siblings on the other side of the door, let’s explore your most life-saving or world-shaking ideas!

We’ll write science fiction stories that envision new worlds and new possibilities, where kids like you are the mad scientists, inventors, and tech geniuses – or evil masterminds, if that’s the way the secret lab of your dreams swings.  We’ll also take on the basics of circuitry and prototyping using Little Bits, and make models of all the newfangled doodads and futuristic thingamabobs that star in our stories. Read more and sign up.

Get into Character: Theater & Playwriting, July 22-26

Ramona Quimby. Spider-Man. Claudia Kishi. Why do we love these characters? What makes them tick? In this workshop we’ll dream up original characters—from cranky pop stars to talking squirrels—and figure out what makes them who they are. Students will bring their storytelling to the stage with these characters at pivotal moments, through angry rants or daring dialogues.  Together we’ll learn about script writing, stage directions, and telling a tale with dialogue and action.

Along the way, students will explore what it means to embody a character and perform their story live, from crafting simple puppets to outlandish improv games.  At the end of the week, we’ll stage a final show-stopping performance for friends and family! Read more and sign up.

Capes Not Required: Comics & Heroes, July 29-August 2

If Dog Man, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and thousands of manga have taught us anything, it’s that every story is better with art! Together we’ll explore the stories of heroes who speak to us, whether they’re regular kids getting through the first week at a new school, friends who wake up one morning with unexpected powers, or real-life people we admire.

In this week of camp, students will read graphic novels alongside other stories where illustrations and artwork help us understand the world and woes of the characters, develop an original hero (from Manhattan or Mars!), and draft their own action-packed tale. Read more and sign up.