Capes Not Required: Comics & Heroes

826NYC Write Away Workshops
A student in the comics and heroes summer camp works on their comic illustrations.

Capes Not Required: Comics & Heroes

If Dog Man, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and thousands of manga have taught us anything, it’s that every story is better with art! Together we’ll explore the stories of heroes who speak to us, whether they’re regular kids getting through the first week at a new school, friends who wake up one morning with unexpected powers, or real-life people we admire.

In this week of camp, students will read graphic novels alongside other stories where illustrations and artwork help us understand the world and woes of the characters, develop an original hero (from Manhattan or Mars!), and draft their own action-packed tale.

As we storyboard the hopes, dreams, and hijinks of our characters, we’ll explore how to tell stories in words and images, one panel at a time. Students will create original artwork and plot lines to share about the hero – or villain – whose story they choose to tell. We’ll end the week with a mini Comic-Con for friends and family!

About 826NYC Day Camp

In 826NYC’s day camp, we bring the joy and excitement of storytelling off the page.  Each week, we pair a fun writing theme with hands-on art and learning activities, matching performances with playwriting, comics with heroic tales, and science fiction with circuit-building.

This day camp will include a daily trip to JJ Byrne Playground for kickball, climbing, and other outdoor shenanigans. Camp hours are 9:00-3:00, Monday-Friday.

Questions? Email or call 718-499-9884.

Who Can Participate

This day camp is for students who will be entering grades 4-6 in September 2024.

Don’t worry! 826NYC’s classes for grades 1-12 will return in September 2024.

What to Bring

Please ensure your child brings the following items to camp each day:

  • A refillable water bottle
  • Lunch and a healthy snack
  • Sunscreen and any other items your child needs to comfortably spend time outdoors

826NYC will provide notebooks, pens, art supplies, and all other materials needed for participation in camp activities.


826NYC is committed to keeping our programs available to the young writers who need our support most. You can choose between the following fee options for summer camps:

  • Full price: $600 per week, with a $100 discount if you sign up for multiple weeks
  • Partial scholarship: $300 per week
  • Full scholarship: Free, with a $25 deposit that won’t be charged if your child attends.

We invite families to select the fee that works best for them upon registration. No additional scholarship application is required.

Capes Not Required: Heroes & Comics

Camp dates: July 29-August 2


Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 3:00pm

In-person at 826NYC
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