July Author of the Month: Jamar S.

News —— July 1, 2023

We’re excited to introduce you to our July Author of the Month, Jamar S.!

What is your favorite thing you’ve written recently? Tell us a bit about it!

The favorite thing I have written about is “The Dogs and Cats.” It was about the war between dogs and cats and the fight for empire.

What advice would you give someone writing for the first time?

Start with something you love. Think about what you really enjoy, like a favorite animal, a cool superhero, or a magical place. 

What are three words you would use to describe 826NYC?

Awesome, creative, and fun!I

If someone was considering joining 826NYC, what would you tell them?

You’ll meet lots of new friends who love writing and creativity just like you do. It’s like being part of a big writing club where everyone supports each other and shares their ideas.

Read Jamar’s story “The Dogs and Cats” here, and discover opportunities for the young writers in your life with our upcoming programs!