December Author of the Month: Amelia A.

News —— December 1, 2023

We’re excited to introduce you to our December Author of the Month, Amelia A.!

What is your favorite thing you’ve written recently? Tell us a bit about it!

The most recent writing piece I worked on, was how I felt about swimming to the deep end of the pool. I was terrified. The depth of the pool is 11 feet. I felt scared to swim to the deep end of the pool but my instructor believed in me. So I took the chance and proved myself to be able to swim to the deep end.

What are three words you would use to describe 826NYC?

Creative, Safe and Kind

If someone was considering joining 826NYC, what would you tell them?

I would tell them “come join because it is so much fun”

What advice would you give someone writing for the first time?

Read A LOT because reading helps your imagination grow.

Read Amelia’s story “Gerritude Pets” here, and discover opportunities for the young writers in your life with our upcoming programs!