Gerritude Pets

Amelia A. ----- Age 7

From the publication

"Monsters Just Want to Dance"

One day Gerritude wanted to go to Petco. Gerritude stepped outside of 608 Academy Ave. Gerritude always wanted a pet. She went into Petco and saw fish, kittens and hamsters. She fed the fish, played ball with the kittens. Then, she saw an African gray parrot. It had gray feathers and big brown eyes. She always wanted one. The bird was in a cage. So Gerritude pet it with one finger. She smelled a bird poop smell! Gerritude was transformed into an African gray parrot. She flew back to 608 and knocked on the door with her beak. Her mom opened the door. Gerritude flew into the apartment. Gerritude’s mom screamed at top of her lungs “Aaaaaooon, somebody call the police!” Mom was cooking tacos. When Gerritude pooped on a fresh juicy tomato “It’s me,” her mom ignored it, she was still screaming. Gerritude found pebbles in the backyard. Gerritude spelled her name. Then she spelled H-E-Y M-O-M I-T-S M-E!!


To be continued . . .