April Author of the Month: Yaretzi C.

News —— April 1, 2024

We’re excited to introduce you to our April Author of the Month, Yaretzi C.!

What is your favorite thing you’ve written recently? Tell us a bit about it!

I’ve written this book called “Loop”, where it basically loops around and the character wakes up and they have a party. They realize that there’s no one around, so they go out to see their cat and realize that there’s no one around. They go into this big hallway and after that they have to go to one of the doors, they find a forest, and they have to go on a long journey. Eventually they see a missing door, floating, and once they step through, the cycle starts again.

How did you find your format for “Loop”?

I saw how it doesn’t end, so I just tried to draw a circle, going up down and then up again, so it never ends.

What are three words you would use to describe 826NYC?

Characteristic, Writers, and Encouraging

If someone was considering joining 826NYC, what would you tell them?

Tell them to try and write the best that they can. Trying to get them motivated to write and give them ideas to write based on stuff [at 826].

What advice would you give someone writing for the first time?

If they’re writing, they need to find the proper format of how the story is going to be. How they want to write and how they’re going to find a character to fit that idea. Before 826, I didn’t know what to write, but after 826 I could write things like the chapter book I just wrote.

Read Yaretzi’s story “Loop” here, and discover opportunities for the young writers in your life with our upcoming programs!