Yaretzi C. ----- 5th Grade

From the publication

"Work in Progress"

I opened the door and could not believe my eyes. Where has everyone gone? Just before this I remember before this I had invited friends Kelly and Lilith to dinner at my house. My place was in a nice neighborhood with a close park nearby. It even had a backyard and garden in my front yard. I had just moved here a few months ago. 

I had felt a weird feeling about this place but I shake it off. I know that moving to new areas is scary or like weird  but this felt a little off like if it is too perfect but I just kind of ignored it or at least tried to. I invited my friend anyways. My friend is always trying to help so I told Kelly to bring some food if she wanted but as I left, she ran up to me and said  my name. 

“Hey Violet, wait can you tell me the theme of the party? I want to be there extra early too. I want to help with  decorations.” She had on some jeans paired with a white shirt. Her asking this makes sense and Kelly, she is always there and  wants to help. She is the one who helped me move in this place.

I said, “Yeah sure, if you want the theme is things that are colorful.” I came up to Lilith and asked if she wanted to come later and she said “yes” and asked  if my dog and cat would be there.  Lilith is an animal lover.  She never was able to have a pet and every time she comes around she pets them both, my cat Daisy and dog Amber. They know her, Lilith, well and love her. 

Lilith likes wearing a pink layered dress with pink leggings. She is a fashion designer and loves anything with pink in it. She usually does wear this type of style. On the next day everyone I had invited was there, I went to get  drinks but as soon I did leave to get drinks and open the door I had been left with a mix of confusion and surprise. My eyes were met with my white grayish wall, the couch and clear glass table. I set aside the drinks. I sit on the couch hoping maybe that they left and come back. 

I then later looked on my phone to see the time and after waiting around, I had waited around 20 minutes. I knew that my friend would never leave for so long. I went downstairs to go see my pets because they usually miss me and come to see me. As I go downstairs I don’t see them and panic.

 I go outside to my backyard worried on two things: I was scared because how could people just disappear and vanish? I thought my pets must be here. I didn’t remember if I had locked the backyard. I try to open the door and it was locked. I open it just in case and I see no one. My mind filled with so many thoughts of how people could just vanish and my dogs and cat must of ran off. I rush to the door, the garden with flowers newly bloomed and the evening sun was just setting and feel a gentle breeze.  I look back at the room I had just been and see a wall, an old moldy wall, rotten. I began to question on where I had just gone to? 

As fear controlled me tears fell from my eyes and the breeze turned into a decay of a smell so horrible I look to my right and see door after door it seemed as if it had never ended I look to go back inside my house but I come across another new wall same as the other and I was now trapped. I enter a door. I was greeted with a forest with tall trees. The air was thick with moisture and I walked for what seemed hours. I had no sense of time now as I was walking. I come across a lantern and looks like it is leading me to a path. I follow it and I only know 3 things here the darkness above me that was completely dark , the forest around me going on endlessly it felt as if I was going in circles and never feeling like I made progress and was mindlessly walking  and the newly founded lanterns I saw that is all I knew.  

I was all alone or almost is what I tried to tell myself, but I felt as if someone was watching from afar in the treetops. I couldn’t shake it off though I was scared. I continued and thought of myself being back and seeing my friends and pets. My feet were now hurting from all the walking but at last I had walked to the end. 

Something was off because of the door was not connected to a wall, it was just floating and I was so tired and needed a place to rest my feet, collapsed to the ground and I fell asleep. 

When I woke up I felt much better. I now needed to open the door but it just felt so wrong I couldn’t bring myself to. As I grabbed the door handle a wave of anxiety hit me. I thought of home and opened it. I found myself back at home and saw no one, like how I left it, and what was even more strange was how everything was untouched, exactly how I left it. How the drinks were on the glass table and my phone next to it and everything looked normal, but something felt off. There was a stillness in the air and was different in a way, it looked more bright. I looked back at the door, opened it with ease, with a creak. 

Everything looked just like the other room but my friends were there I look back but the door was gone. My friends were all there. I look back at my phone on the table, it was 9:20, just after I got the drinks after the dinner. I felt sleepy and called it a night. I went to my empty bedroom. My bed looked extra nice after the trip. I was glad to be back home, I rest my tired self. 

I wake up. I felt groggy and tired. I got up slowly and open the door and could not believe my eyes. Where had everyone gone?