A Hero I Have to Be: An Anthology from I.S. 171

News —— June 26, 2024

This past semester, students at I.S. 171 embarked on a journey of storytelling that explored the role of heroes in our modern world. They crafted funny stories like the one of a monkey running away on a banana car, imaginative ones like the tale of a brave robot princess who sets out to discover why everyone in her kingdom is frozen, or the heartfelt account of Kat, a feline hero who saves her city from rat villains. In just ten weeks the students grappled with profound questions such as: Who gets to be a hero? What makes a hero? And who are the heroes of the day to day? Their insightful responses have woven together this wonderful publication.

A Hero I Have to Be is a charming, whimsical and insightful collection of poems and stories of heroes who answer the call to adventure in order to build a better future for all of us. The students of I.S. 171 have created thrilling journeys through different worlds, heart-pounding adventures, and intergalactic voyages that spark the imagination and dare us to dream of a better tomorrow.

Get a sneak peek – read Kobe’s superhero origin story: A Hero’s Journey.