The Overflowing Sea of Unheard Dreams

Fareeda A-S ----- 7th Grade

From the publication

"I Am Finally A Piece of Wood"
The cover to I am Finally a Piece of Wood, an 826NYC student publication written by the young writers at the Academy for Young Writers

We’re the people who choose who we want to be.
Everyone says, “We’re the only ones to make our dreams a reality.”
They are the ones that say no be what they see, they go from sun to the doom of my growing dreams
ones, ones, ones, we are the ones that get to choose my parents tell me but the constant fear of no always haunts me they ask me why I read all time? I say that’s what I like
But in reality I like to drown in lines of the character’s emotions or the fun times
Like to drown the thoughts out of my mind
Ignore the chaos on the outside

who am I?, who am I?, I ask myself all the time
will I become legendary? or a forgotten memory?
work a boring job at an office filled with papers?
Or be a free bird who just roams around and wonders?
Flowin with the current, with the freedom of discovery,
just going where the world decides to take me
Or be a robot filling what my family sees of me
fill in the blank spaces in my mind with the dreams that I want but will always hide
Maybe in an alternate universe I am free, flying over sea with the midnight breeze
But you know what?
We can achieve our dreams

I can achieve what feels like is beyond my reach

It’s still not clear what path is set ahead of me but whatever it is I hope for something that’s right for me
I hope it’s something I can look back on at an old age when my story’s told and say, “Yes, that girl was me”