Our Culture

Ashley P.M. & Naydelees C. ----- 6th grade

From the publication

"Mango Is My Middle Name"
In this two-voice poem, the plain text is by Ashley and the text in italics is by Naydelees.


I am a child of an Indian and a Dominican
Snakes in my hand
I am half Indian and a 100% Dominican
I was born in water
I am a child of hot weather
My dog was born in my hands
I am full of boxing and punk rock
Mango is my middle name
On Saturdays you can find me playing my electric guitar
Red and black are my eyes
I come from an island of mangos and rice
Cherries are like a melody to my ears
I am a child of many places—Guyana, Dominican Republic, New York
Tikitoki is in my blood
Dancing bachata is my culture
Summer is the medicine for my body
Snow is my hair
My flag is reflecting my skin
Guyana and Dominican Republic water my pools
brown my skin, brown my eyes
Indian music is my life
We are the opposite but the same