Zombie Apocalypse STEM and Writing Workshop

News —— October 20, 2014

We’ve been waiting for the website relaunch to tell everyone about our amazing summer Zombie STEM and Writing workshop sponsored by Time Warner Cable’s Connect A Million Minds. Our students survived a zombie apocalypse by constructing bridges, fortifying buildings, and documenting their zombie knowledge in a survival manual, now available at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

During the workshop, students worked in small groups to fortify three Brooklyn landmarks: Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Public Library, and New York Methodist Hospital. The students collaborated in their small groups, building fences and other structures to defend against attack. Then, realizing that they needed to share resources, the students combined their efforts and connected their structures using bridges and zip-lines. The students used their engineering experience from a previous session to connect their structures while also demonstrating strong teamwork and collaborative skills.

Thank you Time Warner Cable!