Welcome to 826NYC’s Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. and Youth Writing Center

News —— October 5, 2021

The new Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Storefront

We opened our doors in July of 2004. Back then our neighborhood was different. We were a young, plucky organization full of whim and imagination that was going to do things differently. The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., designed by award-winning designer Sam Potts, was a reflection of that spirit. It was a beautiful space, as if from a universe where superheroes were real and New York was eternally in the 70s.

We’ve noticed though, that sometimes people thought we were a real hardware store. Or that we were an art installation you couldn’t actually enter. Most people had no idea we were a youth-writing organization. Some people knew about 826 and the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. but didn’t know we were one and the same. We were, it seemed, perhaps too mysterious and potential students, volunteers, and supporters were not able to find us because we were too well hidden.

We asked our friends at CBX to help and last weekend we unveiled a new Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., where 826NYC is the proprietor and your love of writing is abundantly clear. We still have capes, masks, superpowers, gear, and more for all your crime-fighting needs. And as soon as we figure out the right Covid protocols, you’ll be able to test a cape on the world’s only Cape Tester.

We also have a writing station where any young person can come in and create. And our grumpy editor, Dr. Mildew, DDS will sometimes be in to provide their stamp of approval. You can sign your young author up for workshops or register for a volunteer orientation while in the store. You can also read student work at your leisure.

It is our hope that all the whim and imagination remains, but that our intentions are a bit clearer, our branding a little more welcoming and inclusive, and that writing, the heart of all we do and the superpower that drives our work, is a part of every visitor’s experience.