The World Glitches For Me: Science Fiction by The Academy for Young Writers

News —— May 27, 2024

Would a smart house take advantage of its residents? Are self-driving cars actually safe? What famous person would you choose to cryogenically freeze and bring back to life in 1,000 years? In The World Glitches For Me, students at the Academy for Young Writers in Brooklyn, New York, push the boundaries of sci-fi storytelling in unexpected (and hilarious) ways. You’ll read about eyeball and popcorn planets, clones reflecting our true and perhaps evil identities, and multiverses that ask: Does an advanced world actually strengthen human connection?

During the publication process, students had awesome heated debates about our ever-changing world and the ethics of today’s newest inventions, from self-tying Nike shoes to human robots walking through their very school. They read from legends such as Octavia Butler, who scarily and accurately predicted in 1993 what 2024 would look like in Parable of the Sower. By examining pop culture around us–including Everything Everywhere All At Once, Black Panther, and The Good Place–they saw themselves reflected back in powerful ways, questioning how we could lead our current society towards greater compassion in profound and surprising directions.

826NYC Teaching Artist Amanda Dettmann writes, “We hope these stories propel you with purpose in saving our world, even in the smallest of ways, and give you a sense of hope after the recent pandemic. After all, we’re stuck here together on this crazy planet. Let’s make it kinder, or at the very least, fill each town with trampolines for our morning commutes.”

Get a sneak peek – read Ace’s riveting time travel story, and pick up your own copy of The World Glitches For Me from the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.