Passages Academy-Belmont EVERYTHING I BEEN THROUGH Book Release

News —— February 13, 2020

Creative writing serves a fundamental role in the development of our youth, regardless of circumstance. That’s why 826NYC partnered with Passages Academy–Belmont, a school serving students involved with the criminal justice system. In November 2019, students read Trevor Noah’s memoir Born A Crime and worked on their own memoir writing. Everything I Been Through is a collection of stories on lost love, self-realization, growth, and forgiveness; and another step for young writers to write their own paths forward.

Today, the young authors featured in Everything I Been Through hosted a book release party at the Belmont Academy. Classmates, administrators, teachers, social workers, the school psychologist, and supporters came to the library in sessions to celebrate the release of our young author’s first publication. Many of the author’s teachers expressed the importance of Everything I Been Through as not only monumental for all students of Belmont but a lasting legacy for every author who has a unique story to share. There is one word to describe the tone of the book, the authors, and the energy in Belmont today-resilient!

“Students always ask me for recommendations of good books, books they can relate to, books that will make them want to read. And now I can share with them this book. Thank you for contributing to the tradition of literature. Your book will be on the shelf and will be here for anyone who needs to read your stories and hear your voices.” – Jessica Fenster-Sparber, Passages School Librarian

Visit our online store to purchase Everything I Been Through. Your purchase helps support over 4,000 students 826NYC serves in writing their futures!