October Book Recommendations from the Brooklyn Public Library

News —— October 16, 2018

This month Brooklyn Public Librarian Brian Muldoon has brought together some great Halloween inspired picks. Students can read one, two or all of these recommended books or read even more by checking out the library’s free service, Bklyn BookMatch.


Los Gatos Black on Halloween by Marisa Montes (Author), Yuyi Morales (Illustrator)

All the usual Halloween suspects are present in this exquisitely atmospheric  and creepy bilingual picture book. Zombies amble, pumpkins leer, and witches zoom across the sky, brought to life by Morales radiant illustrations, all heading toward a twist ending that is sure to delight.


Bunnicula by James Howe & Deborah Howe

A classic satire that flips the vampire genre on its head. Following the arrival of a strange new rabbit to their home, the Monroe family’s pet dog and cat are unsettled by some sinister seeming goings on and are determined to get the bottom of it.


The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

Corinne doesn’t believe in jumbies, the malevolent magical creatures said to lurk in the shadowy regions of her island home. Well, that is until one followers her out of the forest one evening. Next thing she knows a strange woman has ensnared her father and dark forces are steadily engulfing her village – with only her to stand in their way. Rooted in Caribbean folklore, this vivid middle grade novel is as compelling as it is emotionally complex.



How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous by Georgia Bragg

Macabre non-fiction at its finest, this gruesome gem recounts the ends, untimely or other wise, of famed historical figures from Julius Caesar to Marie Antoinette and beyond. Well researched and endless entertaining this one will satisfy your morbid curiosity while tickling your funny bone.


Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

It’s hard enough for Anya to fit in with her surly disposition, hard to pronounce last name, and embarrassing Russian mother, but things get a lot harder, and stranger, when she befriends a ghost. A debut graphic novel that is witty, tender, and replete with the unexpected.


Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older

Sierra Santiago knows something is up when the mural across from one she’s being painting sheds a tear. Before she can even start to make sense of what’s happening, she finds herself dodging walking corpses and being warned by her previously mute abuelo to finish her mural, and to do so quickly. The adventure that follows uncovers the truth about Sierra’s Afro-Puerto Rican heritage and lets the loose the magic coursing through her veins.

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