Meet our December Volunteer of the Month: Michele Somerville

News —— December 1, 2015

Michele first got involved with 826NYC because of her love of writing and teaching. Today, she has logged over 200 hours as a volunteer at 826NYC! We’re thrilled to recognize her for her dedication and commitment to our students over the years. During her time here, she has helped students with their reading and writing, and even gotten the kids to teach her a few things along the road.

How did you first get involved with 826NYC and why did you decide to volunteer?

I am a former classroom and writing teacher and I really like kids!

What’s your favorite part of volunteering at 826NYC?

The super students, their stories, and the pieces they write for the chapbooks.

What do you do when you’re not at 826NYC?

I write books, take care of my family, and do poetry-related activities. I also play with my cat and dog, and study Spanish.

What advice would you give a new volunteer?

Learn your multiplication tables and have fun!

What are your super powers?

I get students to teach me stuff without their knowing it.