March Volunteer of the Month: Elise Ingber

News —— March 3, 2020

This month we are excited to announce Elise Ingber as the March Volunteer of the Month. Elise talks about her future goal of running a half marathon and connecting her love of writing with volunteering with our young authors!

1. How did you first get involved with 826NYC and why did you decide to volunteer?

My friend Lizzie told me about the organization; she volunteers for the SF chapter. I’m thinking about going back to school for a Master’s of Education in English and thought volunteering with 826NYC would be an awesome way to get classroom experience and inspire kids to do more creative writing! I recently reconnected with my writing brain and hope to help others do the same.

2. What’s your favorite part of 826NYC?

Getting to see what the kids create – it’s so fun to work with younger humans, they bring a lot of energy to the table.

3. What do you do when you’re not at 826NYC?

Studying for the SAT! I just got a job working as a tutor so I’m brushing up on my grammar, which is pretty interesting to do nearly 10 years out of high school. Outside if that, I’m a visual artist so I’m currently working on a few projects and hoping to set up a gallery show soon. I also love going to concerts, flea markets, and traveling.

4. What advice would you give a new volunteer?

Ask questions, actively see if kids need help or want to talk something out. Smiling goes a long way, try to bring positive vibes to match their energy.

5. What are your superpowers?

I can run forever! Sure, I may be at a 10 minute/mile pace but still… I did cross country in high school and have been in love with distance running ever since. Future goals: half marathon.