Many Thanks to the New Members of the 20 Volunteer Hours Club!

News —— December 22, 2016

Another month, another batch of 20-hour volunteers! A huge thank you goes out to those of you who have made such a significant commitment to our work and our students. The investment you have made in our programs is incredible and inspirational, and we simply couldn’t be more thankful for everything you’ve done for us so far this year!

The new members of our 20-hour club include:

Jim Moore, Park Slope AST

Lindsay Neff, Park Slope AST, Personal Statement Weekend

Bob Makela, Williamsburg AST

Nancy Binns, Writers’ Room, Personal Statement Weekend

Joni Osuga, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Valerie Courtney, Park Slope AST

Sophie Schildhause, Park Slope AST

Les Luchter, Park Slope AST

Michele Somerville, Park Slope AST

Corrinna Lynch, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Nicolas Romacker, Park Slope AST

Myra Al-rahim, Writers’ Room

Dorothy Desmond, Park Slope AST

Beth Dukes, Personal Statement Weekend, In-schools

Andy Schmidt, Park Slope AST

Julie Boor, Personal Statement Weekend, In-schools

Maryann Aita, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Natasha Baruah, Park Slope AST

Alyssa Cami, Writers’ Room

Wyndham Chow, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Matthew Cohen, Park Slope AST

Oliver Erteman, Writers’ Room, In-Schools, Personal Statement Weekend

Chapin Fay, Field Trips, Workshops, Personal Statement Weekend

Jill Fitterling, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Ellie Foster, Park Slope AST

Barbara Furman, Park Slope AST

Carol Goldberg, In-Schools, Field Trips, Workshops, Personal Statement Weekend

Jessica Barbaria, Writers’ Room, Workshops

Dawn Golden, Writers’ Room

Samuel Greenhoe, Park Slope AST, In-Schools

Spencer Hamilton, Park Slope AST

Molly Kiick, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Nicole Kloster, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Kelly Knight, Park Slope AST

Hao Lian, Park Slope AST

Gili Malinsky, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Sydney Miller, Field Trips, Personal Statement Weekend, Data Entry

Roger Newell, Park Slope AST

Alyssa Northrop, Park Slope AST

Catherine Odal, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Nora Pelizzari, Workshops, In-Schools, Personal Statement Weekend

Susan Pelzer, Park Slope AST

Katherine Rochlin, Williamsburg AST

Hunter Stryke, Williamsburg AST

Rob Summerlin, Williamsburg AST, Personal Statement Weekend

Jocelyn Testa, Writers’ Room

Susan Velazquez, Writers’ Room, Park Slope AST, Personal Statement Weekend

Amy Veltman, Writers’ Room, Personal Statement Weekend

Sara Webster, Williamsburg AST, Writers’ Room

Brittney Wilcox, Writers’ Room

Want to be as involved as these stellar volunteers? You can find out how by going to, or by emailing Liz, our Programs & Volunteer Coordinator, at