Kid President and Our Students Are Awesome!

News —— February 17, 2015

Last Thursday, as students in our Park Slope center bounced in for another day of tutoring and writing, they noticed a new face in the room. On the projector screen was a photo of Robby Novak, better known as Kid President, reminding them that “THE TIME TO BE AWESOME IS NOW.”

At 826NYC, we see how awesome our students are everyday. To celebrate the release of Kid President/Soul Pancake’s new book, Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesomewe decided to put Robby’s mission into action in our secret library. Check out some of the students’ invented names for common objects,  a proclamation of heroic appreciation, and a super awesome handshake.


HEERANG, age 9

My favorite superhero is Batman. He is my favorite superhero because his name starts with bat and bats are my favorite animals. He is also my favorite because he is sneaky. He has a vehicle that’s called the batmobile. He has a cool cape. And finally he has all my favorite weapons.

IVAN, age 10

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ASADAH, age 11

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ADRIAN, age 8   

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