I am, I am, I am: Essays and Poetry Full of Feeling

News —— May 1, 2023

I am, I am, I am: Poetry and Memoir by 826NYC Students at the Academy for Young Writers

Writing provides a space to consider feelings big and small. This winter, students at the Academy for Young Writers explored some of the oldest feelings in the world, including love, anger, joy, worry, sadness, and hope. Though the students are young, they captured their many varied experiences with detail and sincerity. We are proud to bring you this book of poetry and memoir from the 10th and 11th grade students of AFYW.

Over the course of six sessions, students explored writing beyond their regular class curriculum and were given the freedom to create their own works of poetry and prose. The 11th grade students read poems by established writers on a wide range of themes, from nature to family to food to travel. Students discussed big ideas such as their place in the universe, their relationship to the wilderness, the concept of beauty, the meaning of loss, and other meaningful topics.

Meanwhile, the 10th grade students were exposed to various forms of memoir storytelling, including short essays, a Moth video, and a webcomic, leading them to consider nostalgic anecdotes from childhood, aspects of their personal identity, and the physical and emotional scars that serve as a testament to their strength. Students in both grades worked to brainstorm, compose, and revise their pieces, showcasing their unique perspectives as budding writers.

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