A Bright Burst of Warm Gooey Clouds: Delectable Food Essays by Fifth Graders

News —— May 18, 2023

It was a great and delicious thrill to bring food writing to the voracious young authors at P.S. 316 in Brooklyn. This year, classes started at 8:30AM on Mondays and it was difficult to make it to the lunch hour in one piece. (And during our last session of the morning, it was even difficult to resist eating the chairs and tables.) In the pages of this book, you’ll see why. 

These fourth and fifth grade authors pushed themselves, with great success, to translate the magic of food to the page. They tackle that glorious, impossible-to-describe, tasty, all-consuming convergence of all five senses. They write about the foods that drive them wild, and the things they’d risk, or endure, or go without to get just one more bite. And they brilliantly situate their writing about what’s happening in their stomachs and their mouths within the expanding contexts of self, family, community, society, and the world.

So pull up a chair, and dig in!

Need an appetizer? Take a bite out of “Chocolate Cake is Brown” by Abigail W.