February Author of the Month: Liam C.

News —— February 6, 2023

We’re excited to introduce you to our February Author of the Month, Liam C.!

What is your favorite thing you’ve written recently? Tell us a bit about it!

Probably my story “see or hear”. It was originally supposed to be a poem, but I’m not talented at poetry in the slightest, so it ended up turning into a short story instead. Even so, I’m happy with the result.

What are three words you would use to describe 826NYC?

Innovative, creative, and enjoyable.

What advice would you give someone writing for the first time?

If you end up at a wall when writing, just jot down whatever is in your head. Even if it’s stupid. Sometimes, this can lead to more great ideas for your story, and you can always remove whatever gibberish you write if its not to your liking. It’s kind of a hard rule to follow (at least for me) considering that I don’t even follow this piece of advice often, but I encourage people to just think less of the details when doing a rough draft since it’s a fixable thing you can change later on. This also applies when writing essays or reports for school, so I hope this helps!

Read Liam’s eerie short story “Backroom Crawl” here, and discover opportunities for the young writers in your life with our upcoming programs!