December Volunteer of the Month: Lily Andrews

News —— December 6, 2023

We’re excited to introduce you to our December Volunteer of the Month, Lily Andrews! Lily joined our publishing cohort in 2021, and continues to translate students stories so more readers can enjoy their writing! Learn more about Lily by reading her interview below:

826NYC: How did you first get involved with 826NYC and why did you decide to volunteer?

Lily: I got involved through my friend Vanessa Londono—she was very excited about the program. I decided to volunteer because I thought it was such a cool concept. The kids wrote in Spanish but to keep their families involved we would translate them.

826NYC: What’s your favorite part of 826NYC?

Lily: My favorite part of 826NYC is the overwhelming excitement to help kids and support them through their creative journey.

826NYC: What do you enjoy most about working on student publications?

Lily: I enjoy reading the kids’ stories. They are so creative and unique. You can see their desire to tell a good story.

826NYC: What do you do when you’re not at 826NYC?

Lily: I work for the United States Coast Guard, I oversee the District 13 Command Center in Seattle Washington, which focuses on Search and Rescue.

826NYC: What advice would you give a new volunteer?

Lily: Find the enjoyment in the process. While transcribing or translating can be time consuming, it is quite enjoyable to read a story from a child that you know means a lot to them, so the time it takes you to do your part is worth it.

826NYC: What are your superpowers?

Lily: My superpower—My ability to talk to just about anyone.

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