Dead Authors Podcast Live with Paul F. Tompkins at New York Super Week benefiting 826NYC

News —— October 8th, 2014, 8PM

Legendary science-fiction writer H.G. Wells (Paul F. Tompkins) uses his time machine to transport literary giants from the past to our present, which is their future! It’s a lively discussion in front of a live audience. Unscripted, barely researched, all fun!

Join us at New York Super Week for a live show featuring special guest John Hodgman as E.B. White, author of several books including Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little and Strunk & White’s: The Elements of Style.

During the show, we will accept questions from Twitter. Please submit your questions to:

BRIC Arts Media House
647 Fulton St
New York, NY 11217

A portion of sales will benefit 826NYC.
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