Bright Blue Sky and Gray Silence

News —— June 1, 2016

We are thrilled to have received the beautiful finished copies of “Bright Blue Sky and Gray Silence,” an anthology that gathers 152 students’ writing from our Young Authors Book Project at the High School of Fashion Industries. The tenth and eleventh grade students worked with 826NYC staff and volunteers for eight weeks to discuss and write about how space and place shape identity. In her foreword, Sheri Booker, winner of an NAACP image award for outstanding literary work, says, “Contrary to what some people may expect from a group of young writers, the pieces in this anthology are strong and at times brutally honest.” This book offers a truly unique perspective on New York City, and we think it’s best that we let the student editorial board tell you about it:

“The personal narratives in this book will take you to some places you know and to others you’ve never been before. You’ll step into the lives of New York City students who meet every day at the High School of Fashion Industries but who have different backgrounds, interests, and experiences. We are artists, trendsetters, and musicians. We are unique, confident, and ambitious. We are indefinable.” — The student editors of Bright Blue Sky and Gray Silence.

Buy your copy here today! And you can also check out the promotional website created by students with the help of web developer Anne Hiatt and graphic designer Sarah Azpeitia!