Bridge the Digital Divide

News —— August 18, 2020

As summer comes to a close and we approach a new school year, we are eager to work with our amazing young writers again! While 826NYC programs will remain virtual in the fall, we remain focused on providing marginalized communities with access to our writing programs.

Now we hope that you can help us ensure that every 826NYC Write After School student has access to the technology that they need to succeed in the year ahead.

If you are upgrading from a 100% functional 2014 (or newer!) tablet or laptop donate it to an 826NYC student and help them write a better future for us all. Bridge the digital divide and help our Write After School students flourish this school year. Donate online or stop by the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. on Saturday or Sunday from 12-5 PM to drop off your tax-deductible donation in-person.