Meet Bertha Bluebeck, although you can call her ‘Blue.’ She’s a fifth grader with a rebel streak and a streak of sapphire hair to match. One morning, Blue overhears a crazy conversation and can barely believe her ears: someone has cast a curse on 826 School! She and her classmates belong in the present, but they are trapped in the 90s!

Trouble is, no one will believe Blue — not her family, not her best friend Red, and especially not Principal Stern, the cruel head of the school with a prickly panache and an evil ‘stache (not to mention a few spells up his sleeve). But with the help of a mysterious student, Blue gathers her clues and realizes that the tale is more fact than (science) fiction.

Follow this colorful cast of characters as they try to reverse the curse while kickin’ it old school. Will the Principal prove that the past is always greener? Will Blue stop the spell and send 826 back to the future? Will you trade your Dunkaroos for my Fruit-by-the-Foot?

Only time will tell.