You’ve Found Your Person

Parker-Kate H. ----- 11th grade

From the publication

"Inside the Teenage Mind"

Fire builds on my tongue with every bite,
Clarity seeping through my gums
To my brain:
Red pepper, peanuts, honey and a hint of hope.

I think of the years of hunger,
My dirty hands
Laying out clean, shiny silverware.

I think of where I came from:
Setting baby bottles upright from the slippery hands of toddlers
My grandmother’s pots and pans
My mother’s paintings
My aunt’s poems.

I think of meals to make for you. I stay hungry.

I come back, I sit down, I ask for the menu and pretend to not know what I want.
I order nothing.

Please don’t pity my untouched plate! My calloused hands!
My hunger feeds me.

For if food is life—What is food without love?
What is love without hunger?