Weird is in the Same Ballpark…

Poppy S. ----- Age 8

From the publication

"Cartoons for All Eternity"

Once, there was a group of friends, two girls and one boy. And it was June 28, the first day of summer vacation! The name of the boy was John, and the names of the two girls were Maria and Mia. John had red hair and brown eyes with the red hair faded into brown. Maria was half white and half black with hair that she dyed black but faded into purple. Mia had short brown hair. She also had green eyes and puffy hair. The friends were all in grade 3 and planning a play-date. Their parents decided that Thursday, the 30th, would be fine. Mia was the most excited because it was at her house. Maria and John had never been to Mia’s house. And Mia’s house was huge: three bathrooms, five bedrooms, a backyard at least eighteen feet long, and more! Once it was Wednesday night, she could barely sleep. The second before she fell asleep, she heard someone whisper, “Mia . . . ” Mia was too tired to think anything of it. She barely even noticed it. She just heard it like Pringles dropping on the floor. She heard someone again saying “Mia . . . Mia!” She got scared for a second, but realized that it was just her mother calling her for breakfast.

“Your friends are coming in thirty minutes!” she yelled. Mia scrambled out of bed and ran to her closet to get dressed. When she was done getting dressed, she ran up the twenty-three stairs for breakfast. When she was done with her breakfast, she cleaned her room, and when she went to the front door, her friend John and his mom were already there.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hi,” Mia said, panting a little. Mia’s mom and John’s mom chatted with her while John waited for Maria. They were about to play hide and seek when they heard a knock. Mia’s mom went to open the door, but no one was there. She closed the door, but they heard another knock, so her mom opened it. This time it was Maria!

“Elou,” they said. “Let’s go downstairs,” Mia said excitedly. They all ran down the stairs to her room, but midway, she tried to move, then stopped trying, because she couldn’t control herself.

“C-o-m-e . . .” a voice said that wasn’t any of the three kids. Then, what looked like Mia but didn’t sound like Mia, went into a door that was never there. Once they all walked in the door, they disappeared, and the kids were never seen again until ten years later. That house is now considered haunted.

The End.