To be me

Julie K. ----- 7th Grade

To be me is
To be *Gay*
To fall for girls way too fast
and way too hard

To speak two languages
To speak Hebrew at home
To have all my family in Israel
To have a great-grandma who escaped from a concentration camp

To be a reader
I want to read all the books
I want to take all the feelings and feel them
I want the book to hug me tight and not let go
I want to understand

To have school friends
Neighborhood friends
Israel friends
And family friends

To be impatient
To hate too many people
But to truly love the people I love

To wish on 11:11
To say if I make this shot she’ll like me back
To wish on a dandelion’s puff in the wind

To have a cat that died
To have a cat who meant more than anything else
And she’s gone
And she won’t come back
And you want to cry

To doodle everything on anything
People, eyes, cats, abstract
To draw hearts with my eraser

To be creative
To love myself
To be able to be Me