To Be Like a Capybara

PUBLISHED: February 1, 2022

Waking up at 3 a.m.
blurry vision becoming more focused
a strange peaceful feeling
after a long and deep breath
Rain hitting the ground
and looking out to a full moon
A sense of tranquility races down my body
I try my best to be like a capybara
friendly to everyone I see
I hope every day when I talk
I sound very calm and my voice sounds smooth
There is no anger or hostility, just peace
My friends are the sunlight to my darkness
like a lighthouse helping a boat find its way
If I am lost in grief, misery or depression
my friends venture for me
like searching for a jewel in a cave
and fill me with high spirits and joy
My friends help me lift weights off my shoulder
like setting down a dresser after moving into a fresh new apartment

My mood when I am with my friends can be
like a hyperactive monkey
like I am the most friendliest person ever, someone
that brings laughter and joy
My taste of music has a bit of everything like
grilled cheese with all types of cheese
I mostly enjoy rock when I listen to rock
I get ants in my pants and I want to sing and dance
When I am stressed I usually escape into the
virtual world
and play video games
When I travel into the virtual world
my stress and sorrow get thrown away like a candy wrapper
I feel like I don't have a care in the world when I play games
I feel that I am as light as a feather
I feel no resentment towards myself

Music allows me to be calm and collected
The specific type of music
I listen to to calm me down is lofi
When I listen to lofi
I feel like I'm laying down
relaxing on a cloud without a care in the world
When I have free time to myself
I like to check up on my friends, I also enjoy watching tv
A problem I have is
I let people's words get to me too easily
It's like reading a very stimulating book
you say one more page but keep reading and reading

Something I want to do in life is record myself playing video games
and post them online
I want to s p r e a d positivity through my videos
I want people to feel confident in themselves
The one thing I want in life is to make everyone I see and meet happy

Written by Jose DeJesus

Jose DeJesus

AGE 11th Grade